Tutoring Chicago

Charity Overview

For 50 years Tutoring Chicago has dedicated its work to the educational and social needs of economically disadvantaged children in Chicago, by providing tutoring and high quality programming that is not only academic, but developmental and reflective. Its mission is to develop a foundation for life-long learning by providing free one-to-one tutoring and mentoring to at risk children. Beyond the classroom, students also benefit from a routine, a positive environment and a safe place to learn, grow and discover.

Every week since 1965, Tutoring Chicago (formerly Cabrini Green Tutoring Programme) has provided critical supplemental educational services along with developmental experiences and relationships for children in grades one to six with the aid of thousands of volunteer tutors. 

Project Summary

Economically disadvantaged, at risk children predominantly from the Near North and Near West neighborhoods of Chicago, as well as the Logan Square area desperately need the services that Tutoring Chicago’s programmes provide. In 2011 a study by the American Educational Research Association demonstrated that a student who cannot read by third grade is four times less likely to graduate by the age of 19 than a child who is literate by that time. Add poverty to the mix, and a student is 13 times less likely to graduate than his or her peer.

Tutoring Chicago has allowed my son to have another positive role model in his life, giving him the change to bridge between grades and excel in reading. He is currently reading above his reading level. Without Tutoring Chicago I do not know where we would be.
Amanda, parent of Gabriel, tutoring Chicago beneficiary.

In response to this, Tutoring Chicago’s SMART tutoring programme focuses on five areas of student achievement: Social Skills, Mathematics, Attitude and Attendance, Reading and Technology. Funding from ICAP Charity Day 2015 helped back a research project which the charity has been working on closely with Loyola University. Through this and parent/teacher feedback, student progress is monitored at least three times a year to help address their individual needs. Within the context of trusting relationships with adults, students and tutors focus on homework review, executive function skills, and development experiences that combine learning and reflection. Erin McPartlin, Executive Director, Tutoring Chicago said “After seven months of weekly tutoring, 73% of our third graders were “on track” in reading by spring 2015, a significant indicator of future academic performance.”

With help from ICAP’s generosity, Tutoring Chicago has doubled enrollment over the last five years to serve 500 children in 2015 with an equal amount of volunteer tutors. We are poised to double again by 2020, serving nearly 1000 children a week.
Erin McPartlin, Executive Director, Tutoring Chicago.

The University of Chicago Consortium research studies show that healthy child development stems from having positive relationships with teachers, tutors, mentors and caregivers along with a secure sense of belonging - both of which embed trust at an early age.  Access and exposure to diverse learning and development opportunities along with realistic role models contribute to a child’s successful transition towards young adulthood.  Establishing and maintaining these healthy connections lies at the heart of everything Tutoring Chicago does.

Consistently, over 90% of Tutoring Chicago’s students report a positive attitude towards literacy and numeracy, with 100% of parents reporting they would recommend Tutoring Chicago to others.