Casa do Zezinho

Charity Overview

Casa do Zezinho is a social non-profit organisation, located in an extreme Southern part of São Paulo, also known as the “Triangle of Death”. This is situated in the district of Subprefecture of Campo Limpo, a region with approximately 1.2 million inhabitants.

Founded in 1994 to enable local children to develop to their full potential the charity also provide activities for young people and elderly residents from low income families. Initially supporting seven children it now serves more than 1,500 a year – known as the Zezinhos. Casa do Zezinho supports children from the age of six years old and upwards, offering further education and work experience opportunities to older children. The charity’s goal is to provide its beneficiaries with autonomy over their future, helping them to develop to their maximum potential. 

Project Summary

Casa do Zezinho is an education hub, where young people are encouraged to think autonomously using the charity’s teaching methodology: the Arco Iris Pedagogy. Currently supporting 1,500 children and teenagers, 300 community members and 120 elderly, Casa do Zezinho’s goal is to continue to reach more beneficiaries requiring help.

Since its foundation, the charity has supported the Parque Santo Antonio community for 22 years, this region has the highest rate of violence in the city of São Paulo. Support from ICAP enabled Casa do Zezinho to continue to operate its projects and ultimately expand its programme reach.

The donation has enabled the charity’s house to receive more than 1,000 at risk young people this year alone and has allowed Casa do Zezinho to continue to develop projects that work and support the community.