Charity Overview

Silence was established in 2008. The charity provide integrated social service support to people with hearing impairment and their families, across Hong Kong. The charity’s vital services include vocational training, helping beneficiaries gain employment, family counselling, parenting support, sign language training and interpretation.

Silence harness and raise awareness of the needs of those living with a hearing impairment, with the ultimate mission to inspire and encourage individuals to lead independent lives. The charity aims to break down all social barriers associated with hearing disabilities. 

Project Summary

Following support from ICAP Charity Day 2015 in Hong Kong ICAP funded an Employment Enhancement Programme for “Youth Hearing Impaired” which aims to improve the quality of life and encourage greater self-esteem for its beneficiaries. Since ICAP’s support in 2015 the charity has successfully referred two hearing impaired members (Ms. Jenny Chan and Ms. Amy Leung) into employment in the Sales and Human Resources department with one of the charity’s corporate partners, The Towngas.

With support from ICAP Silence provided workshops to Towngas by assisting their colleagues to learn to communicate with the hearing impaired to build a barrier-free workplace.

Silence partners closely with the business sector in Hong Kong to provide employment counseling, job placement, job referral and other related services with follow up support. The charity has developed a sign language curriculum which includes delivering customised classes for corporate enterprises the charity is affiliated with. This programme continues to raise awareness of the subject in Hong Kong’s society to eradicate unwarranted social barriers and stigma.

We thank the Silence employment team for helping us to find the jobs and the kind support from ICAP.
Ms. Jenny Chan, beneficiary of Employment Enhancement Programme.

By providing its corporate partners with the tools and training to better support employees with hearing disabilities, this eradicates any communication barriers between employer and employee. With the support of ICAP Hong Kong, Silence established the ACE Inclusive Workshop. The workshop targets the management level of an organisation by introducing step-by-step practical solutions in setting up an inclusive workplace. Silence will continue to support both employer and employee in establishing a harmonious working environment, and with the donation from ICAP Silence believe it can enhance the scale of the charity’s supporting network. 

We are happy to get along fine with our current colleagues, some colleagues are willing to communicate with us by simply using sign language, which made us feel warm.
Ms. Amy Leung, beneficiary of Employment Enhancement Programme.