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Charity Overview

Baby2Baby’s mission is to provide children from underprivileged backgrounds, aged 0-12 with nappies, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. By distributing new and carefully used items to over 100 non-profit partner organisations throughout Los Angeles County, including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programmes and children’s hospitals - Baby2Baby will serve more than 125,000 children this year. 


Project Summary

Baby2Baby was a beneficiary of ICAP Charity Day 2015 in New York. Support from ICAP Charity Day has also enabled the charity to continue to meet 100% of its partner agency requests for safe sleep solutions through its Sweet Dreams Initiative. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website states, “About 3,500 US infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year. We often refer to these deaths as sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID). Although the causes of death in many of these children can’t be explained, most occur while the infant is sleeping in an unsafe sleeping environment.” Protection for children at night continues to be an extremely important focus for Baby2Baby, because the cost of safe sleep solutions is prohibitive for so many disadvantaged families. Often children are discovered sleeping in drawers, in shared beds with multiple siblings, even on floors often with rodents and insects.  Following support from ICAP Baby2Baby has renewed its commitment to provide its partners with a cot or bassinet to every family who needs it.

Baby2Baby continues to be invigorated by what we have achieved with the generous support from ICAP.
Norah Weinstein, Co-President, Baby2Baby.

The donation from ICAP have also enabled Baby2Baby to implement a new programme; “Baby2Baby 2 the Rescue Bundle” for Emergency Response (ER) workers within the Department of Children and Family Services.  When ER workers are called to investigate a newly opened case they often detain children coming from abusive, neglectful or dangerous conditions.  They have no time to gather the child’s basic belongings, and comfort items are so desperately needed during this traumatic time.  Along with all the basic essentials – clothing, towels and hygiene items – the bundles include soothing items like stuffed animals, cuddle blankets, toys and books.

This year Baby2Baby has grown and expanded its National Network to a group of 19 member organisations from 20 cities across the globe including Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong. The Network focuses on providing mentorship, facilitating communication between organisations delivering similar work and sharing best practices.

Baby2Baby has already collected 3.7 million nappies and two million baby wipes in 2015 – this is a record number for the organisation. To date in 2016, Baby2Baby is on track to distribute five million nappies and wipes. Thanks to ICAP’s support, Baby2Baby can continue to steadily grow and innovate to aid in the wellbeing of vulnerable children and families in Los Angeles.