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Many Hopes

Charity Overview

Many Hopes rescues children from oppression and raises them to be adults of influence equipped to do justice for others, causing exponential impact.

Many Hopes believe that children born into poverty can be changemakers in their communities.


Project Summary

Many Hopes used their donation from ICAP Charity Day to fund rescue missions and to care for and educate children after rescue, so they can one day do the same for others. One of those children is called Alfred.

One year ago today 38 children aged between 4 and 17 were in slavery on fishing boats in Ghana. Because of ICAP Charity Day 2022 every one of those children today is free, in school, and living in a loving home. Thank you.
Thomas Keown, Founder, Many Hopes

Alfred was born into slavery on Lake Volta, where his mother had previously been trafficked. From the time he could walk, Alfred was forced to work from dusk to dawn on fishing boats. Even though he didn’t know how to swim, Alfred would dive into those waters to untangle the nets to avoid beatings. He was often without food and never went to school.

At the age of ten, Alfred was rescued by Many Hopes’ partner in Ghana. In a safe environment where he was given the support and tools needed, Alfred thrived. With the support of Many Hopes, Alfred studied hard and made his way through school and university. He is the most educated person in his family and has a desire to do for others what was done for him. Alfred currently works with Many Hopes’ Ghana team on missions rescuing children from the very circumstances he was saved from years earlier. 

In May 2023, Alfred worked on the rescue mission that Charity Day 2022 paid for. Alfred is working alongside others (many of whom were rescued years earlier just like him) to put an end to this abuse. The job is dangerous, but these men put their lives on the line for justice. This is survivor-driven change in action.