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Charity Overview

LIFEbeat’s mission is to transform the lives of young people and to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to empower their voices and to lead fulfilling, purposeful lives. LIFEbeat serves young people who face extraordinary challenges - These include young refugees; children in foster care; youth at risk of violence, and those suffering with mental health issues.  They use inspiring, creative activities combined with personal storytelling to develop the self-esteem, social skills, emotional intelligence and resilience to rise above adversity.

Project Summary

ICAP funding enabled LIFEbeat to create the Youth Leadership Project, empowering young people to explore the issues that are impacting their lives and to mobilize a creative response to inspire positive change for young people in the wider community. The youth leaders chose three topics: Mental Health, Youth Violence & Identity and led workshops and discussions on these issues to create a platform for young people’s voices to be heard. 

There’s a real lack of support for mental health problems. And there’s a lot of stigma attached too.
LIFEbeat Youth Leader
I really enjoyed being able to create a campaign that was filled with passion and inspiration.
Participant, Aged 17
Thanks to ICAP funding, LIFEbeat has given young leaders a powerful platform to express themselves and to mobilise around three important topics Youth Violence, Mental Health and Identity. We are thrilled to embrace the creative partnership between LIFEbeat and ICAP Charity Day with a vision of celebrating the voices and potential of young people in the UK.
Lucy Sicks, CEO of LIFEbeat