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Fight for Peace

Charity Overview

To help celebrate 20 years of ICAP Charity Day, a group of London employees visited Fight for Peace, an exciting charity that uses boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realise the potential of young people in communities that suffer from crime and violence.

Project Summary

The ICAP volunteers met with the Fight for Peace Youth Council, a democratically elected group of young people who represent the members of the Academy. Together, the two groups discussed the benefits of the charity and took part in a question and answer session. Our employees were then put through their paces alongside the Academy’s participants as they endured a gruelling two hour boxing session.

Funds from ICAP Charity Day 2011 will help with the badly-needed refurbishment of the academy’s new larger East London premises and will specifically fund the ICAP Boxing Gym. This will enable the charity to help and inspire many more young people in the years to come.

It was a real pleasure to be able to represent ICAP and very humbling to see the fruits of our Charity Day labours – the youths and workers at the Academy were very inspirational, showing great resilience and determination to make a difference - I really enjoyed being a part of it all and I will definitely be accepting the open invitation…once I have recovered from my back, shoulder and legs sores that is.
Geoff Hussain, Legal, ICAP.