Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre

Charity Overview

Thanks to a contribution from ICAP Singapore in 2011, the Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly was able to create a special transport service for the under-served disabled elderly in their community.

Project Summary

With the new ICAP sponsored transport service, some 40 senior citizens who either live alone or whose caregivers are not able to provide them with transportation, are now able to come to the Centre. The disabled seniors enjoy karaoke sessions, art projects and chatting with volunteers. Without the ICAP transportation service, these senior citizens would have missed out on this crucial human interaction. The ICAP donation has made a tremendous difference in the lives of these seniors.

ICAP's generosity and kindness in providing Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly funds to purchase a van fully equipped for the Elderly disabled has made life easier and more comfortable. Many are benefitting from the service which enables the elderly to come to our Centre for exercises, interaction with each other and to partake in several more activities which brighten their otherwise mundane life. Thank you ICAP!
Sr Marjorie Almodiel, Manager of the Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre.

Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly provides day care and rehabilitation services for the frail and disabled elderly in Singapore. The centre has 16 fulltime staff and more than 30 regular volunteers. Staff and volunteers work hand-in-hand with each other in various activities throughout the day which can include: day care activities to the semi-dependent elderly who would otherwise remain alone at home, physical rehabilitation, basic medical support and simple nursing care along with health education services. Life at the Centre is full of care, joy, love, laughter and fulfilments.