The One Foundation

Charity Overview

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Primary schools are bustling, bursting with children eager to learn, hundreds and hundreds of them.

Typically, during each school day, children will drink water from brooks or streams which are usually contaminated, or from pumps which can be unreliable or slow, too slow to serve 800 pupils.

Project Summary

The One Foundation launched One Water in 2005 to fund roundabout-powered water pumps in Africa, called PlayPumps®. ICAP’s support on Charity Day 2009 has funded 24 of these in different schools in Malawi which will improve the health of the children, increase the number of hours they are able to spend at school each week and facilitate play.

Each PlayPump® is powerful, fun and fully maintained. As children spin on the roundabout, fresh clean water is pumped from deep underground into a storage tank for use by the entire community. It is a simple idea that is now changing the lives of thousands of children and their families – in this case around 23,000 people!

These school children and their communities would like to thank ICAP for its generous support which is making such a difference to their daily lives.