Bowel Cancer Australia

Charity Overview

In 2009 ICAP helped fund Bowel Cancer Australia's new 'Love My Family' network for patients, carers and relatives. A bowel cancer diagnosis comes as a terrible shock for most people. Through a range of services, including a Nurse Adviser, patients will receive support via telephone and email from around Australia.

Project Summary

Bowel Cancer Australia plays a vital role in the fight against bowel cancer. Through its work, it aims to save lives from this common cancer and reduce its impact on the community. The charity raises awareness of the incidence of the disease and promotes participation in appropriate screening, thereby encouraging earlier detection and more effective treatment.

Through its research programmes, Bowel Cancer Australia builds upon the internationally recognised expertise of its member doctors. The new patient service network will complement these activities, as it aims to make a difference to patients with bowel cancer every single day - because every life counts.