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ANNIKA Foundation

Charity Overview

The mission of the ANNIKA Foundation is to teach children the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition and offer aspiring junior golfers opportunities to pursue their dreams. ICAP Charity Day has played a pivotal role in supporting both components of this mission – providing junior golf opportunities and teaching children the importance of proper fitness and nutrition.

Project Summary

The ANNIKA Foundation is currently implementing SPARK - the leading physical fitness and nutrition programme for children in schools and after-school settings – in as many schools in Florida as possible. Shortly after the 2009 ICAP Charity Day, the ANNIKA Foundation began its national partnership with SPARK to help educate America's youth about the benefits of being healthy and active. As a result of ICAP’s generous donation in 2009, the ANNIKA Foundation awarded five $7,500 grants in Orange County, Florida, to fund the implementation of SPARK in high-risk elementary schools. All children in these schools now benefit from the enjoyment of fun exercise, the development of sports and motor skills and the knowledge of good nutrition.