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Juntos Construyendo Futoro

Charity Overview

Founded in 2004, Juntos Construyendo Futuro (JCF) is helping to transform society through social and educational intervention programs aimed at children and young people in Columbia. 

JCF believe that with care, perseverance and education, they can transform the lives of the children and young people they support.

Project Summary

Funding from ICAP Charity Day 2022 supported ‘Centro Aprende’ - an open centre offered by JCF, which encourages vulnerable children to stay in school through play. It provides support after school hours with language, maths and psychosocial support. The centre also offers school kits, uniforms, water and snacks to encourage the children to stay in school. They provide training for teachers to equip them with the right socio-emotional tools to support the children. 

At Juntos Construyendo Futuro, we persist in changing the reality of thousands of Columbian Children and youths; we believe in work done with love and perseverance; and invest in education as an essential element to transform the living conditions of children and young people
Carlos Zapata, General Director

In 2023 the centre was able to offer:

  • 119 workshop days
  • 2,856 individual tutoring sessions
  • 137,402 hours of school reinforcement
  • 6,856 snacks and bottles of water
  • 406 school kits and 349 uniforms
  • Training for 349 teachers

The centre has had a hugely positive impact on the local community, including:

  • An increase in access to primary education for children not currently in school
  • Greater retention of students at risk of dropping out of primary education
  • Improved capacity of local schools