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Charity Overview

Kids4Kids was created in 2010 with the mission to empower children to develop social responsibility, take positive action and inspire other kids to make the world a better place.

The charity has six programmes designed for primary and secondary school students, where together with volunteers, dedicate time and knowledge to support other students from low-resourced schools to develop skills, e.g. creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and connection to the community.


Project Summary

For ethnic minority children in Hong Kong, being able to speak and write Chinese is fundamental to their social life and securing employment in future. This is exactly why four local students joined Kids4Kids Action for a Cause program to start a community project to help them.

Unforeseeable factors are always present, thus being flexible and acting promptly in response to the problems are the most important takeaways in my experience with the Action for a Cause program.
Brittany, leader of the Chineasy team

Brittany Wong Yeuk Lam, Erin Wong Yi Wing, Esther Cheung Tin Yuet and Allison Lau Tsz Kwan from St. Paul’s Co-educational College teamed up to share their love of the Chinese language and language ability to help non-Chinese students (NCS) to integrate into the local community. Through their community project Chineasy, they designed and taught interesting and engaging Chinese lessons to ethnic minority kindergarten kids living in Hong Kong.

To engage young kids, the team adopted a lively approach to the lessons. They incorporated ball games, card games and board games, and exposed the children to interesting and seasonal Chinese cultures and related activities.

Throughout the implementation of six months, the team had weekly lessons with six to eight children in a community center until COVID-19 came and face-to-face sessions were no longer feasible. But the team was quick to adapt to the change and switch the teaching platform to online.

The team successfully raised the children’s motivation in learning Chinese, as seen from the enhancement in their self-efficacy and an increased rate of speaking Chinese without prompt. 

In reflection, the team was truly thankful for their mentor’s support and sharing of her experiences in volunteering and working with NGOs, as well as the resources and opportunities provided by Kids4Kids. To expand the impact after the project, the team has compiled a set of notes with evaluation of the effectiveness of different teaching methods and shared it with other kindergartens for their reference.