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Charity Overview

Established in 1987, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund is the city’s largest cancer support organisation, providing free professional support and information to anyone touched by cancer to ensure that no one faces cancer alone. 

Their services span from the hospital to the community, and the home, with a network of four Cancer Support Centres and seven Cancer Patient Resources Centres, which are situated in the major public oncology hospitals.

Their professional team includes oncology nurses, social workers, art therapists, dietitian and clinical psychologist. These teams help clients manage the physical, emotional, psychological and social challenges brought about by a cancer diagnosis. 


Project Summary

Funds raised from ICAP Charity Day 2019 supported the charity’s Rainbow Club.  Established in 2010, the Rainbow Club is for children whose parent or close family member has been diagnosed with cancer.

We are delighted to be part of ICAP Charity Day. The funds raised have made a significant difference to the children of Hong Kong whose family member has been touched by cancer. This is a unique and important service to fill the gap where the needs of these children might have been overlooked. We wish to thank ICAP for their generous support to our cause
Sally Lo, Founder & Chief Executive

A child with a family member with cancer may not be able to express the fear that they are going through. Children are vulnerable to emotional, and behavioural issues when they do not know how to respond to the challenges that arise in a family member during the different stages of cancer treatment and journey. They may experience sleep problems, trauma, fear of abandonment, emotional issues such as anger, or they could act up at school and more.  However, their family members may not know how to talk to them about this sensitive topic or help them release their negative emotions. It requires special skills and interventions to counsel and communicate with children about cancer and the issues that arise from this life-threatening disease.  

I went to a number of family counselling workshops and activities with my daughter and learned about how to face cancer together. Our bond has become stronger and I know that I am not alone in this journey.
Dorothy, breast cancer survivor

Hong Kong Cancer Fund provides vulnerable children with  caring support, as well as healing and development programmes to promote individual growth and resilience during the cancer treatment period and beyond.

Their professional team also tailors our healing therapy programmes for each child. Children respond differently to cancer at various stages of life. For example, children at the pre-school age might not be able to fully comprehend the concept of cancer, death and dying. Yet, they are the most emotionally receptive and sensitive to the changes in their daily schedule and environment which can leave a lasting impact on their sense of safety and security. 

Children aged 6 to 12 are able to grasp conceptually the consequences of cancer and potential death. They might feel powerless in the face of the diagnosis and this could trigger emotional problems.  Pre-adolescent children develop more complicated thoughts and feelings about cancer.

For pre-school children they  explain the diagnosis and changes from cancer and help them express their fears and anxieties through play-based programmes. This includes drama, music and puppet play. 

For school age children and adolescents creative writing and art therapy is used to help facilitate their emotional expressions and encourage discovery and acceptance.  This is done in the forms of sculpture, painting, writing and drawing. 

It is traumatic to lose a loved one to cancer. Their specialists help guide and accompany children through this sensitive and often confusing time through bereavement counselling. 

The Hong Kong Cancer Fund adopts a family-centered approach to serve and support the whole family as a unit to help them cope with a cancer diagnosis.