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Yao Foundation

Charity Overview

Yao Foundation was established by well-known basketball player Yao Ming in 2008 to support reconstruction work after the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. It is a specialised fund under the protection of the China Youth Development Foundation, focusing on better education, higher self-esteem and improving health conditions for children in China.

Project Summary

Yao Foundation is devoted to upgrading education in disaster-stricken areas and is heavily involved in infrastructure construction for local schools.

CFETS-ICAP has been working together with Yao Foundation in sustainable improvement of quality education in rural areas of China. The primary school that CFETS-ICAP sponsored with funds raised on Charity Day 2012 and 2013 is located in Kai Yang county, Gui Yang, Gui Zhou province. It was established in 1951 and many of its school buildings were damaged, which caused some concern with the local education bureau. The school is in need of a new building to facilitate teaching activities. CFETS-ICAP made a donated to financially support the construction of this building. The building approval is currently being processed and construction is expected to start imminently.

In August 2013, CFETS-ICAP went to Lu An, An Hui Province, to attend the Yao Foundation basketball season. The event began in 2012 and now more than 40 schools participate. CFETS-ICAP were honoured to be with so many talented and passionate children and will continue to sponsor the Yao Foundation basketball season in Le Shan, Sichuan Province in 2014. Sports activities provide an accessible platform for many children in rural areas of China. These activities enhance their team-working culture, increase self-esteem and promote healthier lifestyles.