The Tyler Foundation

Charity Overview

The Tyler Foundation was supported on Charity Day 2010 to fund Shine On! House which offers a safe, relaxing and fun “oasis” for hospitalized children and their families.

It accommodates families who have a child in ICU, or come to the house to relax away from the hospital. The house is used for taking care of siblings too, while mothers stay with their child in the hospital. The child care specialist not only plays and has fun time with the children but she also teaches life skills such as teeth brushing, to assist mothers who do not have enough time to do this while they are looking after another child in hospital.

Project Summary

Shine On! House provides a clean space for children who cannot play in public places when they are first discharged from hospital due to their low immune system. They can play at ShineOn! House as much as they want!

Thanks to ICAP's support, many events are held here. One of the child care specialists told us: "Children who have a low appetite tend to eat incredible portions when they join a cooking event at the Shine On! House and it is great to see their lively faces. There are also seasonal and craft events and children love those also!"

We appreciate ICAP’s continued support for our programmes and are very grateful for your help and understanding.
The Tyler Foundation

One of the loveliest stories is when a two year old boy overcame his difficulties at Shine On! House during a short stay with his parents. They said: "Please look at our son. He is so much better than last time we met!" The boy apparently played with toys at the house up until the last minute before he had to go back to the hospital. He was very happy.

The Tyler Foundation supports children with cancer in Japan all the time, through its many programmes. The largest project this year is supporting outpatients who are going back to a normal home life. It is extremely important for them to be able to make this transition smoothly.