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Enlighten - Action for Epilepsy

Charity Overview

ICAP Hong Kong supported Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy on Charity Day 2010.  This funding has provided direct support to over 225 individuals and families in need which allowed them to gain access to resources that they otherwise would not have had.

Project Summary

The charity has used ICAP’s donation to support their key services which include an Epilepsy Awareness Programme, an Epilepsy Family & Community Support Programme and an Education & Training Programme.  

The training is very important for my daughter. Without this, my daughter’s walking ability cannot be sustained… without the funding, we are unable to afford the private PT training for her. We are happy to see her improvement!
A mother of a daughter with Epilepsy who is participating in the ICAP funded physiotherapy.

People with epilepsy often have very weak muscle strength and have difficulty walking.  ICAP’s funding has provided physiotherapy to children to strengthen their muscles whilst halting further physical muscle deterioration.  This programme has directly improved the quality of life for those participating individuals and their families.

Sadly, those who are affected by epilepsy in Hong Kong are sometimes forced to live in isolation as many are discriminated against professionally and socially.  Stigma, job loss, lack of family support, physical violence, misunderstanding and fear are just some of the experiences encountered by people affected by epilepsy.  ICAP’s funding has helped the charity to raise awareness of the condition and correct myths and misconceptions about epilepsy through its innovative Awareness Programme.   

The mission of Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy is to provide support and care to those affected by epilepsy and to remove prejudice through community education.  The charity strives to build a community that is accepting and understanding of those with epilepsy that will enable them to lead vibrant and active lives in Hong Kong.