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Sunshine Action

Charity Overview

Thanks to ICAP's donation, Sunshine Action has distributed food aid to more than 8,700 poor families and individuals in Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Thailand in the last 3 months, which has benefitted more than 15,000 people directly.

Project Summary

SUNSHINE ACTION is a humanitarian organisation based in Hong Kong whose main charitable mission is the relief of poverty, provision of emotional and psychological support to those who need it and protecting the environment.

Since its establishment in 2008, SUNSHIINE ACTION has contributed to and visited 190 organisations in Hong Kong and around the world, donating rice; food parcels; stationery, everyday essentials, medical care and medicines to 38,000 low- income families and individuals, estimated to have benefited approximately 75,000 people directly.

In the same countries, Sunshine Action has planted more than 2,000 fruit trees as part of its global environmental programme and released more than 20,000 indigenous fish into the sea. ICAP's donation also helped maintain long-term sustainable programmes: training counsellors in 'Emotional Healing’ combined with a monthly donation of food to the poorest villagers and handicapped patients. Part of the ICAP Charity Day grant was used on building water wells and toilets for severely/physically handicapped people and other building projects.