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NPO Palette

Charity Overview

Funds from ICAP Charity Day 2010 have enabled NPO Palette to publish a beautiful book entitled “You and me, Me and you” which illustrates how people with intellectual disabilities in Japan are leading productive lives through Palette’s support.

Project Summary

The book contains candid and colourful photographs of the participants living independent lives and includes commentaries from the beneficiaries. With this book, NPO Palette hopes to encourage a positive image for the intellectually challenged while depicting their beneficiaries working, playing and leading rewarding, independent lives. ICAP’s donation enabled photographers, editors, writers and designers to come together and publish 6,000 copies of this groundbreaking book.

NPO Palette is a charitable organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities lead full and rewarding lives in Japan. Palette works to solve everyday problems that people with these disabilities face including situations such as employment, daily living challenges and leisure activities. In the past, some of these individuals have been living in the shadows of society and have been completely dependent on their families for their basic necessities and overall wellbeing.