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Fundacion Nuestros Hijos

Charity Overview

Nuestros Hijos Foundation started life in 1991. It is a private non-profit organisation that is dedicated to caring for children diagnosed with cancer, who are from some of the poorest families living across Chile. In Chile, around 90% of children with cancer are treated in public hospitals, however, the public health service does not provide all aspects of care required during this often traumatic time. Nuestros Hijos Foundation exists to bridge this gap, delivering additional vital support which the majority of Chilean hospitals lack, to give children fighting the disease a better quality of life.

Nuestros Hijos Foundation services include the provision of specialist accommodation to house families who have travelled long distances from Santiago whilst their children undergo treatment.  The charity also provides isolation units and specialist drugs and medication.  The organisation also offers non-medical support, for example, providing children with access to formal education as well as psychological support during their cancer journey.

Project Summary

Nuestros Hijos Foundation was a beneficiary of ICAP Charity Day 2014, in Santiago. Thanks to the support of SIF ICAP Chile SA, the Foundation has been able to build and maintain two hospital Schools, recognised by the Chilean Ministry of Education. Bespoke and formal education is provided to children from pre-school to eighth grade, during their hospitalisation period.  This support is crucial to facilitate and ensure their transition back into mainstream education. Support from ICAP Charity Day has also enabled the Foundation to build and maintain two Oncology units for children, one located in the Dr. Sótero del Río Hospital, and another in the Exequiel González Cortés Hospital, where an Ambulatory Attention Unit has been built, providing chemotherapy, psychological assistance and dental care for children.

On behalf of all impoverished children with cancer who are supported by Nuestros Hijos Foundation, we would like to thank the generous donation of ICAP Chile.
Raúl Arrázola Castro, Gerente General, Fundación Nuestros Hijos.

Additionally, support from ICAP has allowed Nuestros Hijos Foundation to refurbish the Oncology Unit at the Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital and the Hemato-Oncology Unit at the Sótero del Río Hospital. Funds raised have been specifically directed to maintaining two 'family houses' for children and families who have travelled the furthest to receive treatment.

Thanks for everything. ICAP Chile is part of the smiles of our children and their families.
Raúl Arrázola Castro, Gerente General, Fundación Nuestros Hijos.

Today Nuestros Hijos Foundation help over 80% of children with cancer who are treated by the public healthcare system in Chile. The charity is confident that with the help and generosity of companies like ICAP, it will be able to continue to expand its services. Nuestros Hijos Foundation is currently working to raise funds to build the first Rehabilitation Center for children with cancer in Chile and to continue to support professional training and research in the field of Oncology and its related specialties.