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The Classic FM Foundation

Charity Overview

The Classic FM Foundation is Classic FM’s own charity. Classic FM deliver music therapy and education programmes across the UK. Funds from ICAP Charity Day 2012 enabled The Classic FM Foundation to create the “Out of Essex” ensemble.

Project Summary

The programme sponsored music and choir workshops for more than 600 disadvantaged young people residing within Essex.  The project culminated with the ensemble performing in the prestigious Music for Youth School Proms at the Royal Albert Hall on 11 November 2013.  This electrifying performance was an experience of a lifetime for the participating students!

The “Out of Essex” project was designed to unite hundreds of children and young people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to help them develop skills and confidence through their love of music-making. Some of the children taking part had severe disabilities and were unable to sing but were able to participate by playing simple percussion instruments or by clapping. 

World renowned composer Karl Jenkins created Rondo Latino, an original salsa-inspired piece for the group which was then further developed by students from some of the participating schools. 

Karl Jenkins shared his thoughts on the importance of music: "Music teaches loyalty, discipline, and working together," he said. "It's crucially important".  He added: "With cuts in music funding it's a godsend to see projects like this which are important and should be nurtured."

The Classic FM Foundation raises money to bring the healing power of music to sick and disadvantaged children across the UK.  The Foundation believes that everyone, regardless of age, background or situation should have equal opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the power of classical music.