Young Enterprise

Charity Overview

Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity. In July 2015, a group of ICAP London staff ventured to Blenheim High School in Epsom to take part in one of Young Enterprises School Programmes, ‘Sell for Success’. Young Enterprise teaches young people about the world of work using fun and innovative programmes to help them set goals and learn the skills needed to succeed in a fast, changing world. Every year Young Enterprise helps 250,000 young people learn about business and the world of work in the classroom, under the guidance of a network of 5,000 volunteers from 3,500 companies.


Watch the video to see how the students got on with their business challenge…

Project Summary

This one day workshop helped students aged 13 to 14 increase their enterprise capability. Pupils were presented with a high activity business game to help them understand how a commercial business operates. By forming and competing in groups or ‘companies’, the students learn how to innovate, market and successfully sell an exciting new product.

The ICAP volunteers mentored the student groups throughout the Sell for Success exercise. The activities during the day ensured students understood the importance of taking ownership of their individual roles and responsibilities, work well as a team and communicate effectively with their colleagues and peers.

I think the students really value the fact that professionals from the world of work have spent their time coming in.
Maria Stockley, Leader of Enterprise, Blenheim High School.

The students were divided into ‘companies’ of approximately 10 to 15 pupils and worked with an external advisor (Business Partner), on this occasion from ICAP. The main objective of ‘Sell for Success’ is to see which company can sell the most products and generate the greatest profit. Each company is structured as a conventional commercial business with Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Finance Departments, led by a Managing Director and Deputy. ICAP Volunteers acted as mentors, suppliers and bankers in addition to customers and judges.

I’m really looking forward to the world of work when I get into it after today.
Student, Blenheim High School.

At the end of the exercise, awards were presented to the team which had made the most profit.

We couldn't do any of the work that we do without the support of people like ICAP.
Sophie Smith, Digital Manager, Young Enterprise.