The Mustard Seed

Charity Overview

ICAP Energy in Calgary supported The Mustard Seed on Charity Day 2010. This charity provides a shelter for vulnerable people living on the street and looks after their immediate needs until they are ready to move on. Then the charity helps them find a suitable place to live but continues to give them support….people like Lynda Lambert, one of the people helped by ICAP’s donation which took her off the street and into safe, affordable housing. After four years of living on the street and in shelters, she finally has a place to call home.

Project Summary

Lynda came to The Mustard Seed in rough shape. She struggled with serious health issues that made it difficult to maintain work. After seeking refuge at the Shelter and having her needs cared for, she soon moved into The Mustard Seed’s supported housing. She was able to receive government funding for her disability and learned how to start budgeting. Thanks to the ICAP donation,The Mustard Seed helped Lynda find housing she could afford, in a safe community and also provided household items to help her set up her new home.

While Lynda was thrilled to move into her own place, she missed her loving community at The Mustard Seed. “I felt like I was leaving friends and family,” she says. That’s where the AfterCare Programme comes in. AfterCare helps former guests find stability and community as they move into independent housing. Staff make regular home visits to check on former guests and ensure they are doing alright. AfterCare got me a couch and a bed.” Lynda says. “I look forward to the visits. And obviously they help a great deal.”

ICAP’s help has made a difference to lots of others too. According to The Mustard Seed: “Your support provides a place to call home and a new beginning for guests like Lynda. Thank you for providing hope and security to those most in need in our community!”